In women increases the risk of cardiac arrest occurs even one cigarette a day

All smokers, regardless of the number of cigarettes smoked daily, subjected to the same risk of cardiac arrest. They have the probability to die this way more than twice as opposed to those who don't depend on tobacco.

According to BBC, researchers from the canadian University of Alberta argue that the probability of dying suddenly and prematurely in women increases significantly even with small amounts of nicotine.

In a study conducted in the United States, analyzed data on health in the next three decades, 101 thousand nurses. Smoking participants had a higher mortality, it was related to Smoking in moderation. In the study, sudden death from cardiac arrest was recorded in 315 cases, among them smokers was 75 who have smoked in the past - 148, those who had never smoked - 128. With regard to risk factors, including hypertension, high cholesterol and genetic predisposition to heart disease, experts have found that smokers have twice as high a risk of dying of the above-mentioned way, regardless of how many cigarettes they smoke. The risk increases by 8% every five years.

According to scientists, these studies allow one to assert the extreme importance for women of Smoking cessation.

Recently in the scientific journal Lаncet published an article with the results of other studies, according to which women who quit Smoking before 30 years, death from diseases associated with Smoking, there was to be no more than those who have never tried Smoking.

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