In what cases will help lingual braces

Malocclusion or an uneven number of teeth? Today science and medicine does not stand still. There are many ways of solving these dental problems. If some couple of decades ago, in order to eliminate such defects, the patient's dentist had months or years to wear maloestetichnoy metal braces, but now, with the advent of modern technology, no one even knows that people in this very moment is in the process of creating the perfect smile.

Legalne braces is a special kind of braces attached to the teeth on the inner side. These braces are invisible to others, which is their main and undeniable advantage. Using unobtrusive design can be corrected quite serious orthodontic violations, against which classical braces are ineffective.

Have lingual braces and a few drawbacks. First, in the first few weeks, until one gets used to the presence in the mouth for foreign bodies, would not be easy for even the owners of perfect diction. Because the braces will occupy part of the space that was previously used language if necessary to recreate any sounds. Therefore, after installation of lingual braces should be within two to three weeks to refrain from public speaking. Secondly, for the care of the oral cavity and the braces will have to buy specially designed for these purposes accessories (single toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash for mouth etc). You also need to be prepared for the fact that oral hygiene will now take the time significantly more than usual. Thirdly, the cost of lingual braces, to put it mildly, not happy. Such systems are significantly more expensive than conventional braces. Have to spend on installation and replacement of these structures. A partial solution may be to install braces only on the most visible teeth, and to align the rest will have to use the classic braces. It is also possible to install lingual braces only on the teeth of the upper or lower jaw. Experienced dentist at the reception will help you to choose the most reasonable in one situation or another option.

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Of course, any braces can not be called cheap pleasure, but as a result of their media will become the owner of a perfect smile that will allow him heartily laugh, not behind his hand, fearing dismissive of the views of others.

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