In USA approved organ transplantation from HIV-infected people

In America there took place the first successful liver transplant from an HIV-infected donor. The nuance of the operation is as follows: the recipient also suffers from the immunodeficiency virus. To this step, the medics pushed the end of the ban on use of donor organs from patients with HIV, which operated for 30 years.

The operation was conducted on the basis of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Together with the liver from the donor removed the kidney and transplanted it to another recipient. Both patients who have undergone organ transplants, have HIV status for more than 25 years. In a patient with liver disease together with HIV have hepatitis C.

Prior to the lifting of the ban, patients with HIV were receiving organs from healthy people. Often people just didn't wait surgery. The innovation will help to increase the flow of patients with HIV undergoing transplantation, writes the BBC.

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