In Ukraine started the action "Stop stroke 2011"

The day the world struggle with stroke was launched in Ukraine educational and preventive activities, which take place under the slogan "Stop a stroke in 2011.

Every year on October 29, the attention of the people on such a serious issue as stroke. This insidious disease deprives a person of the most important - social adaptation. Not many people after stroke can return to everyday life, being deprived of vital functions - to move, to speak, to samoobsluzhivanie.

The purpose of the action "Stop stroke 2011" - to draw the attention of Ukrainians on this issue, to convey to the people the main risk factors for stroke and motivate them on a regular preventive visits to doctors.

In the role of organizer of the campaign this year is "Ukrainian Association of fight against stroke" with the participation of regional "health Centres". The pioneers were the doctors of the city of Vinnitsa, during the campaign, they explored the risk factors more than 300 people. One-third of the individuals were diagnosed with risk factors such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, Smoking, burdened with a family history. In addition to making recommendations to the residents of Vinnytsia were given an educational booklet "Prevention of cardiovascular diseases", "5 signs of a stroke", "You can control the pressure?".

The organizers promise to conduct such activities in three major cities of Ukraine.

Today the stroke to be on the third place in the list of diseases from which people die, one third of cases of stroke are people up to 65 years, there are people of working age. Every year about 100,000 Ukrainian citizens become victims of stroke, of which about 12,000 are in Kyiv hospital. In 80 percent of cases could be avoided stroke, if the time to go to the doctor and to normalize blood pressure, to obtain and perform medical advice on a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately not all patients follow the recommendations, and not all patients seek medical help at the first signs of a stroke that affects the prognosis of the disease and complicates rehabilitation.

According to press center of Ministry of health of Ukraine

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