In Ukraine started the action "Hepatitis C is not a vitamin!"

1 may in Ukraine began large-scale information campaign "Hepatitis C is not vitamin C". The action is carried out by the initiative group of the public organization "Stop hepatitis" with the support of the Ministry of health of Ukraine and is aimed at raising awareness among the population and reducing the spread of hepatitis C, the rate of which takes in Ukraine epidemiological in nature.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the risks of hepatitis and the means of protection from infection. Public organization "Stop hepatitis" plans to conduct a campaign for the maintenance lifestyle, stopping the spread of hepatitis, and to offer all tested on the detection of a disease.

Viral hepatitis C is popularly known as a "silent killer" because it can does not prove itself to live in the human body for years up to 20 years, and then to cause sudden death from liver cancer or cirrhosis.

Experts who argue that the number of infected hepatitis forms and in the world is 15 times the number infected with HIV (and it's 40 million patients).

Since 2006 in Ukraine is the mass vaccination of children against hepatitis b, however, the rate of morbidity among the population is not yet reduced. Remember that in 78 cases and one hundred and death from liver cancer triggered a latent form of hepatitis. Doctors urge people to be conscious is not to neglect the forms of protection from the disease and regular blood tests.

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