In Ukraine over the past year has reduced the number of new cases of HIV infection

According to the Chairman of the Public service HIV/AIDS Ukraine Tatiana Aleksandrina, over the past year the number of cases of HIV infection among the population decreased by 2% and reached 20743 cases, compared with 2011. She stated that in 2011, IOM year was recorded 21177 new HIV infections.

She emphasized that over the past years there has been stabilization in the incidence of HIV/AIDS, and, since last year, began to take shape positive trends towards reductions in new cases of the establishment of HIV infection. Despite the fact that such a reduction is quite low, in any case, the positive result is obvious. I'm especially pleased that reduced the number of HIV cases among the age group 15-24 years.

As a second positive torque head of Hospita noted lower rates of infection among drug users who inject drugs. Last month in the ANTIAIDS Foundation also noted a decrease in the rate of HIV over the last year. It should also be noted that according to the state service for combating HIV/AIDS in 2012 from AIDS in Ukraine died 3870 people.

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