In Ukraine, every third citizen at least once needed the help of a psychiatrist

According to the Chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Irina Pinchuk, today, one out of three inhabitants of the country at least once in his life faced with mental nature. The expert believes that in such cases the person needs skilled care, but medical statistics show the opposite, since few citizens seek at this time to refer to psychiatrists.

She also noted that at the moment under the supervision of psychiatrists is two and a half percent of the population of Ukraine. We are talking only about those people who asked for help. However, as shown by the study, which was conducted by the Association of psychiatrists of Ukraine, every third citizen of the country in their lifetime at least once needed psychiatric help.

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Irina Pinchuk said that the population of Ukraine is wrong to your own health as people try to solve the problems of mental properties themselves or go back to the doctors quite a different profile. In short, the Ukrainians in such cases don't always get qualified assistance. Expert of the Ministry of health also has data showing that even among mentally ill people to the help of psychiatrists refers only every fifth. According to Pinchuk, this situation threatens the security of the state, as the mental state of its citizens and social life are interrelated. In addition, according to the specialist, the reaction of citizens to the bad economic situation in the country can also be quite unpredictable.

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