In Ukraine an acute shortage of doctors

The Agency UNIAN news Agency reported that at the enlarged session of the Collegium of the Ministry of health on the 2nd of April, first Deputy head of presidential administration Irina Akimova was stated in the Ukraine is now a huge shortage of doctors.

According to Akimova: "Even in those regions where the reform of the health system is currently in pilot mode, the deficit is substantial. For example, in the Kiev region, it is 20 percent, in Vinnytsia region 50, in Donetsk - 14". "I am confident that also the situation in other regions", - said Iryna Akimova.

Also the representative of the head of the administration stressed that the main goal, which should be resolved through the implementation of pilot projects is the training of family physicians. According to Akimova, this is done in order to six to eight years, the country was ready army of skilled people able to cope with heavy work entirely.

An indicator of the success of the reforms is the impression people - doctors and patients, the overall situation has improved. "It must exist in the mind as the most important goal, how and where we better move," she said.

As Akimova added that if the Ministry wants to change something in the health care of Ukraine that doctors have an incentive to work better and get a high salary, all officials must understand that without a national registry of patients will fail. So as to observe all the labour costs and to keep track of what quality and was served the patient, it is impossible.

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