In Ukraine, a targeted program to assist patients with viral hepatitis

The Ukrainian government approved a program for prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis, which will enable you to detect hepatitis b and C in the early stages, which in turn should lead to lower mortality from these diseases. This is the official statement of the Ministry of health of the country. This program provided for the period up to 2016 years, and it was created in pursuance of the orders of Prime Minister of Ukraine N. Azarov, issued on 16 April 2013.

The program involves development assistance to patients who suffer from these diseases. Assist patients will be provided in all planes: therapeutic, diagnostic, prophylactic, and research. With regard to expectations from the program, it is aimed at increasing the quality of care for patients suffering from hepatitis at all stages. This will, in turn, reduce the mortality, morbidity, disability, caused by hepatitis b and C.

Special attention will be paid to the methods of raising awareness of the population regarding viral hepatitis. Material and technical base of medical institutions, which assist in the prevention and treatment of patients with viral hepatitis will be strengthened.

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The document was created in close cooperation with public organizations representing the interests of citizens in this area. It should be noted that the impetus for the creation of this program was the demonstration that was held in April at the House of Government.

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