In this crystal transforms the bodies of two sisters, a rare disorder

Due to constant vomiting Emily Kemp ten months after birth began a sharp decline in weight. Both the parents and the doctors for a long time could not determine what the child has the disease. After conducting hundreds of tests, finally, managed to establish the diagnosis "sistinas" writes The Daily Mail.

It is up to the extreme rare disease, which is recorded only in 2 thousand people in the world. In other words, the probability to acquire this disease was 3.5 million to one chance. Tsistinas gradually crystallize the whole human body and in mind genetic basis, to cure this condition is not possible.

The disease has a relationship with concentration in the cells of the body amino acids - cystine. Over time this connection begins crystallization in the kidneys, thyroid gland, eyes and liver, thereby causing serious damage to the above authorities. Without drugs that can slow the progression of the disease, to ten years man has to face with severe renal insufficiency.

Currently, Emily is only three years. In the future, most likely waiting for kidney transplantation. However, as poppy-Mae her sister (she is 22 months), which doctors also diagnosed with this dangerous disease.

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Sisters have to take medications every 6 hours, and apply special eye drops (without these drops crystals increase in corneal sensitivity to light that, in the end, will lead to blindness). Food girls receive through special gastric tube.

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