In the world every year, an increasing number of autism - researchers

Disease autism is an actual illness that requires special approach on the part of child rearing. Violated its adaptation, informative and educational function. These children do not tend to communicate, strong friendship, education, social relations.

Scientists say that in the last seven years, the momentum of autism only increase each year the number of reported cases increased by 13%. Data published by the world health organization.

Director of the Fund to facilitate the solution of the problem of autism in Russia "Exit" Avdotya Smirnova sure, the problem of children with autismo all over the world is very critical. Medical staff cannot accurately be diagnosed before birth and to prescribe an appropriate treatment. Many people believe that autism is a disease that puts the cross on the person, but there are many cases of autism have achieved great heights in certain areas.

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Now scientists agree that many children with autism even want to communicate, but the pathology does not allow them to understand how to build your conversation. Some children have a high intellect, significantly outpacing peers.

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