In the waters off Chile and Australia found virus extraterrestrial origin

According to the edition of "Teleport" in the waters of Chile and Australia got the viruses of extraterrestrial origin. Scientists have discovered a foreign substance in the body composition of deep-sea amoeba. The size of the virus was so large that, according to Dr. of the University of France, it is difficult to study under a normal microscope. Its dimensions are ten times higher than any earthly viruses that have been discovered on Earth. The virus gave the appropriate name is Pandora.

The composition of the virus comprises 6 % of the earth's substances and 94% of substances of extraterrestrial origin. Dr. Jean-Michel Clavier claims that the virus could be brought from other planets, presumably from Mars. Externally, the virus hike to greatly increased bacterial cell, a special external signs of the differences are not observed, it can be compared only with a large solid dark spot.

According to scientists virus Pandora is not hazardous for people. He dwells only at very great depths, where we can swim only a minority of aquatic life. The multiplication of the virus occurs only in the body of his one carrier.

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The existence of the virus was known before, in 1992, scientists had opened a special type of bacteria, and only modern French scientists were able to prove that actually Рandoravirus is virus-giant.

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