In the U.S. epidemiologists an outbreak of plague

In the hospital in critical condition from Oregon received a 50-year-old American. The test results showed: the man with the plague, reports The Herald Sun. As revealed, the victim became ill feel after he was bitten by the hand (he did attempt a cat to take the mouse). The incident occurred on 2 June.

For help, the man was forced to turn only at the end of last week, because he had developed fever severe. Doctors can't know whose bite (cat or mouse) caused the infection. Cat after the incident occurred shortly died. Her body is now at the testing Centers for prevention and disease control.

Epidemiologists resemble what a plague is an infectious disease that affects humans and animals. It is provoked by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which is in the bodies of rodents and fleas that live in the hair of animals. To cope with this dangerous disease is possible only with the help of antibiotics.

"Bitten men there is a classic symptoms of the plague, and antibiotic drugs help him," says Karen Argan employee of the local health Department. At first, doctors, based on the symptoms, decided that the man was infected with bubonic plague (was a significant increase in lymph nodes).

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But today men are fixed signs of septic plague. This plague bacteria occurs in the blood. Epidemiologists are serious about such a fact of infection, because the plague is characterized by the fact that this disease has a high mortality rate. In the middle ages, the plague has infected more than a third of European citizens.

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