In the U.S. 63, thousands of children had been given unnecessary drugs

Scientists have uncovered one of the missteps of the U.S. healthcare system. In the period from 2002 to 2012 63 thousand children received drugs, which later became the cause of serious pathology.

According to statistics, every 8-10 minutes the little one patient clinic receives destination unnecessary drug. Often the victims are children under the age of six years.

Doctors prescribe ineffective medication or increasing the dose. Sometimes parents misunderstand prescription and confused medications in the purchase process. In some cases, this therapy causes serious harm to the body.

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Scientists advise doctors to be attentive to the appointment of any drug, how safe he would not be. In some cases allergic reaction can occur with normal vitamin complex. Only competent approach will reduce the number of poisonings and pathological conditions caused by improper prescribing and medicines.

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