In the United States to establish the centre posthumous freeze people

Up to 50 thousand people will get theoretical "ticket to the future." In the United States launched a project for the construction of the cryogenic center of the Timeship. In essence, it is a variant of the cemetery, which after some time will begin attempts to raise the dead people. The centre has already received the name "Noah's New Ark". Under construction bought a plot of land with an area of 150 hectares. This corresponds to a square size 15x15 kilometres.

The project aims to preserve the DNA and bodies of people wanting to be reborn in the future. The creators have provided approximately $ 375 million of building and contribution to the development of science in the field of instant freezing of human bodies.

Special attention the developers paid to the security. Large means available to protect the cryogenic center from everything from terrorist threats to the likelihood of global warming. The center will be equipped with Autonomous power supply and solar panels.

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