In the United States the twins were born in different years

In the United States had twins Sawyer and Everett every few minutes, but in different years, tells CNN.

An addition to the family Shay happened exactly on new year's night. The first child, Sawyer, was born at 23:51 on 31 December 2016. But the boy Everett was born at 00:01 January 1, 2017. The head of the family Brandon thought that this could happen in theory and not much surprised, the newspaper notes.

It is obvious that the difference in years of birth of the twins will be a long time to confuse teachers and friends.

The publication notes that although this case is rare, but in this new year's eve in the USA was recorded two births twins in different States with "a year". In the U.S. there is growth in the birth rate of twins in General, experts say.

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