In the United States the man was infected with the plague

In one of the hospitals in Oregon was delivered 55-year-old man in critical condition. What was the surprise of the doctors, when they found out that he has infected with a plague.

It turned out that the 2nd of June he was bitten in the hand of the cat when he tried to take her alive mouse. Since that time, the man began to feel worse when he developed severe fever, he finally decided to consult the doctors.

Although it is not clear how the man got the infection from the bite of a mouse or cat, pet has died, doctors have to test for contamination of its remains.It is known that the plague bacterium is present in the organisms, rodents, because a man could get her through the bite of a cat, holding in the teeth of the mouse. Today this disease is treated with antibiotics, the doctors were able to diagnose the disease quickly and start a successful course of treatment.

"At first the doctors saw enlarged lymph nodes, and decided that the bubonic plague, but now it is clear that the patient has septic plague," says a representative of the Department of health Karen Argan.

In the U.S., the news was treated extremely seriously, plague is a deadly disease, which in the middle ages killed one third of Europe's population ( 25 million people), and transfer it not only rodents and their fleas.

According to statistics, isolated cases of zabolevaniya cumaa are recorded annually, but antibiotics allows to quickly cure the sick, percentage mortality decreased from 98% to 5%.

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