In the United States offered safe method of destroying cancer cells

A group of scientists from the University of Miami have developed a way of treating cancer without causing the strong toxic reactions. Note that as an independent method it is not recommended only in combination with traditional treatment.

The method in the following. Any cage for life requires nutrients. Cancer cells they need to order more. Due to low oxygen concentration in the tumor sugars break down by glycolysis.

Scientists have suggested that the combination of sugar 2 deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) with fenofibrate will have a positive effect in the treatment of cancer patients. "Our study showed that about sugar, particularly 2-DG, a glycolysis blocker, provokes the fasting growing cancer cells and leaves normal cells untouched — they can use other sources of energy — fats and proteins, saturated with oxygen," says the study's author, Dr. Theodore Lampidis.

Now comes the question of creating a new combined method of treatment of cancer. The new approach should increase the patients ' chances of a long life without cancer.

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