In the United States launched the first trial of a vaccine against Ebola in humans

In the United States will soon begin the first tests of a vaccine against Ebola virus in humans. Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline plans to conduct the first stage in two weeks. Formerly totally different figures - the end of when. This is due to the acute situation of the infection. The U.S. defense Department has already approved the experimental version of vaccines against Ebola virus.

Now we need to understand how effective and safe tool, is it capable of form a person a strong immunity against infection. The vaccine consists of a genetically modified adenovirus, in which scientists have built the genes of Ebola virus. Animal testing were successful, the scientists were able to confirm the effectiveness of the tool.

Experts from the field of health fear: virus every day is gaining momentum. Fixed 3069 cases, more than 1.5 thousand people died from the infection. However, these figures may be underestimated in 2-4 times, not every case of infection are able to register officially as the infection spreads in developing countries of Africa.

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Cases of Ebola recorded in Guinea, Nigeria, Liberia and other countries on the African continent. Mortality from the virus is 90%.

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