In the United States invented the tablet sobriety

A new drug appears to be not only a neutralizer impact on the brain of alcohol consumed, but also helps combat this unpleasant consequence, as the hangover.

American scientists completed testing of miracle drug that prevents intoxication. Its creators suggest that this tool will help humanity in the fight against alcohol addiction.

The drug is given the name "Iomazenil" and it is a kind of creation, and development experts from Yale University. There is a person to take medication before drinking it, he never gets drunk and after that can go through many different tests just as well as if he did not drink at all.

Psychiatrist Deepak De Souza says: "the New drug will give the ability to deal effectively with the growing wave of alcoholism, because it produces a neutralizing effects of alcohol on brain cells. And without that drinking alcohol makes no sense".

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Messages about successful tests of a drug that neutralizes the influence of alcohol, were published in October last year. At that time an international group of scientists from Australia and the United States, the drug has been successfully tested on mice.

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