In the United States invented a vaccine against malaria

An experimental vaccine against malaria has shown good results when tested on children in Burkina Faso. 45 children under one year of age were divided into three groups: the first received 15 µg of a new vaccine, the second 30, and third was the control and received the Hep b vaccine. Comparison of the groups showed striking differences. In the first two groups, the incidence of children has decreased four times, among the third group ill 77 percent of children.

The results of preliminary tests encouraged scientists, now the results should prove more extensive testing.

It was also revealed that a large dose of the vaccine provides more antibodies against the disease in the blood. Although the sample was relatively small, researchers from the National Institute of health, USA pinning her hopes.

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In 2009 alone, malaria claimed 781000 lives according to who, 90 percent of deaths from this disease occur in Africa, and 92 percent of the victims are children under five years. The fight against the virus is complicated by the fact that viruses malaria several times more species than polio or influenza.

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