In the United States from the bite of a bat man died

Farmer-immigrant in the United States died after being bitten by bats and rabies, according to the centers for control and prevention of diseases is the first such case in the country.

19-year-old victim was bitten in the leg bat in Mexico for 10 days prior to departure. In a month in the U.S., he was diagnosed with rabies, and he died the next day after the inspection. This is the first in the USA death after being bitten by a bat.

With climate change, bats, for the most part living in Latin America, can move to the southern States of the USA according to scientists from the University of California.

The rabies virus causes progressive inflammation of the brain and is almost always fatal, and the fact that they feed on blood, make the process of virus infection of the victim extremely fast.

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Since 2000, the U.S. had registered 32 cases of rabies from animals ,including 8 people brought the disease from abroad, in particular 2 - from Mexico.

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