In the United States expect another outbreak of intestinal infection

Company Pacific International Marketing with the support of Management for drugs and food USA and Department of public health (California) is intended to withdraw from retail outlets more than 6 million boxes of cilantro. Experts have reason to believe that this product is affected by Salmonella, reported the Agency WebMD.

Withdrawn from the market boxes were designed for implementation in Arizona, California, new Jersey, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Indiana and Missouri in the period from 16th November to 10 December. At the moment there are no recorded cases of human infection, but epidemiologists recommended to be wary.

Salmonellosis can lead to a fatal outcome. Particularly vulnerable and susceptible to this dangerous disease of young children, the elderly and patients holders of impaired immunity. The rest mass of the infection suffer from diarrhea, fever, vomiting, nausea and severe pain in the abdomen.

Recall, not long ago, America was reeling from an epidemic listeriosis - another intestinal infection that was caused by the melons. According to the doctors, it was the large-scale outbreak of the disease which claimed the life of several dozen people.

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