In the United States began the real flu epidemic

The outbreak of the influenza epidemic in the USA put in the ready state, all services of the country. The epidemic came to the country sooner than expected. Its the culprit is a virus H3N2.He does not fear any vaccinations - he successfully strikes you as vaccinated people, and those who have not been vaccinated. The country begins to feel the shortage of influenza vaccine, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Infection captured 41 a staff of 50. More than three thousand people have already asked about hospitalization. 30 people have already died, including 18 children. In Boston, introduced the state of emergency, as hospitals cannot cope with the influx of infected.

128 million doses of vaccine for the vaccination (which is 95% of the total volume of vaccine during flu season) pharmaceutical companies have taken to pharmacies and hospitals in the country. But, despite this impressive number, in some States it is still a shortage of vaccines. By the way, the man who even was vaccinated will feel its effect within one to two weeks.

The infection spread can already be observed in real time mode, thanks to the efforts of Google, which have updated online map of the United States in accordance with the progress of infection in the country.

In past years, flu season spanned from 5 to 20 percent of the population, and carried away from 3,000 to 49,000 lives. What will the flu outbreak this year - no one can imagine. Epidemiologists can only assume that it will exceed the results of the standard epidemic at times.

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