In the United States began production of plaster from migraines

According to Medical News Today, using patches from migraines for the first time allowed by the Department of quality control of medicines and food, abbreviated FDA. The effect of this patch is called "Zecuity" occurs due to the delivery into the patient substance sumatriptan, which is also used in other drugs against migraine.

It should be noted that the impact on decision Management solution provided rezultaty the third stage of clinical trials, which was attended by about 800 people suffering from migraines. The volunteers were tested on herself more than ten thousand patches. Studies have proven the efficacy and safety of the patch. As it turned out, "Zecuity is able to remove the main manifestations of migraine, namely nausea, severe headache, inability of the patient to tolerate the noise and light. And some patients, the patch was completely delivered from the above symptoms.

The actions of the patch is as follows. As already mentioned, the active substance is sumatriptan, which must be delivered into the body. His delivery is used iontophoresis. This term means the introduction of the active substance through the skin of the patient through the electrodes. The patch has a battery, and the patient only needs to press the button, then the effect of the patch is activated and continues for 4 hours. The microprocessor, which is also embedded in the plaster, monitors the dose delivery of the drug, as well as for skin resistance. For all time steps the band-aid supplies in the body for about 6 and a half milligrams of the active substance of sumatriptan.

The use of "Zecuity" are contraindicated in patients with poor circulation, heart disease, stroke and migraine causing unilateral temporary paralysis.

As the head of the company that produces this patch, Armando Anido, this is the first patch approved for use, and he hoped that "Zecuity" will greatly facilitate the condition of patients, especially those whose symptoms are particularly pronounced nausea and vomiting, and that can't take the pills orally.

Previously, the FDA has approved as a remedy against migraine Botox injections in the cervical muscles, and the European Union has allowed the treatment of migraine using electrical stimulation of the peripheral nervous system.

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