In the United States began production of ice cream against influenza

In the United States began producing ice cream, intended for with the flu people. Manufacturer of ice cream is "Jeni''s Splendid Ice Creams". According to developers sorbet, ingredients included in the cream help in the fight against flu. The ingredients of this unusual ice cream is lemon juice and orange juice, honey, ginger, and pectin. There are also ice cream with Bourbon and Cayenne pepper.

Each of the components of ice cream plays a role in combating the flu. For example, ginger and lemon long are folk remedies for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu. Honey and pectin - ideal for relieving irritation in the throat. Cayenne pepper can easily clean the nose and facilitate breathing.

In addition, company representatives say that the ice cream will help not only with the flu, but with insomnia.

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