In the United States an unprecedented campaign against Smoking

America went on strong, even radical measures in the fight against tobacco Smoking, because, in spite of all efforts, the number of smokers since 2003 and is not reduced. Due to this, the authorities first deploy a nationwide advertising campaign against Smoking, reports ITAR-TASS.

The main characters (or characters) promotions and posters will appear in people who suffer from paralysis caused by Smoking, as well as patients who lost limbs undergoing surgery on the throat and heart.

The authorities hope that this exposure will help to turn away from cigarettes of about 50 thousand Americans. According to official forecasts, the campaign will last for three months. Authorities at all events is 54 million dollars.

Previously the National cancer Institute was calculated: held in 1975-2000 years programme in the framework of the fight against Smoking, from death has saved more than 795 thousand people. And if, after publication in the mass media in 1964, the first report of the authorities about the disastrous effects of Smoking, tobacco use has ceased completely, for 36 years until the year 2000 from the same disease of cancer nature of premature deaths avoided would be about 2.5 million people.

Recall that on the packs of cigarettes in the United States has long been put pictures of people who have suffered as a result of tobacco Smoking. The picture is very unflattering, including photos of rotting teeth and victims of cancer. These photos became the Apple of discord and caused protests from representatives of the tobacco corporations.

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