In the United States a critical shortage of drugs

Control over the quality of the food and drug administration (USA) States that critical shortages of drugs in the past year can only get worse. Many of scarce drugs, such as injection citarabina cisplatin, which is used for the treatment of cancer, are in hospitals only extremely needy. In 54% of the deficit is to blame the low quality product, it is mainly impurities and cures for infertility. Another part of the deficit falls to delays in production and the shortage of manufacturing capacity. And 5 percent of the deficiency to blame for the lack of raw materials.

In 2011, the shortage of medicines are only getting worse. The reason for that production is economically unattractive drugs by pharmaceutical companies. While to find quality generics difficult, the cost of the original makes it not accessible to all.

For example, there is an acute shortage of propofol, which cost a total of 48 cents per bottle.

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There is an unexpected causes of the deficit, such as the earthquake in Japan. Because of the disaster, several manufacturers have lost suppliers. Control over the quality of the food and drug urges all manufacturers to notify the organization in advance, ate Ionia plan to discontinue any medications.

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