In the underweight baby's fault chips

Excessive passion chips during pregnancy poses risk to the health of the unborn baby. This conclusion was made by scientists after the study, conducted jointly by leading European research centers.

According to experts, the health of the fetus suffers from acrylamide - substances produced in starchy foods when exposed to high temperature.

It turned out if mothers during pregnancy ate foods with a high content of acrylamide, the weight of kids at birth was at 132 grams less than usual.

Also lagged behind the standards 0.33 cm circumference head. Scientists say that the effect effect of acrylamide on the health of the newborn is similar to the harm from Smoking during pregnancy.

According to scientists, the head circumference is an important indicator of how the growing and developing brain. When the reduction in the development of the nervous system is delayed. In addition, if at birth the child has a low weight, increases the risk of growth retardation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

The researchers advise expectant mothers during pregnancy to exclude from the diet of chips, crackers and other fried foods with starch content.

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