In the UK made the first move hands

Resident of West Yorkshire 51-year-old Mark Cahill for the first time in the UK was transplanted hands. Mark could not use his hand after suffering gout. After the operation, which lasted almost 8 hours, the patient demonstrates good progress.

According to doctors, it is too early to draw final conclusions, but the fact that the British can move all the fingers, is a good indicator, although the threshold of sensation is still quite low.

The doctors are hoping that over time he will be able to achieve great opportunities, as in the movements and sensations.

Originally it was supposed to sew Mark bionic arm, but he decided to hold a groundbreaking operation. She is innovative, because it was the first operation, during which was amputated hand to her place to transplant donor.

Thanks to the fresh cut from amputation, surgeons managed with high precision to connect the nerves in the hand stamp with nerve endings donor hands, and join the bones, tendons and blood vessels.

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To date, conducted 60 transplants hands around the world.

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