In the UK every three minutes, eaten a ton of chips

Scientists from the UK have estimated that the man who daily eats one pack of chips, thereby consumes 5 liters of vegetable oil per year. Therefore, the use of chips often scientists associated with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, the chips can cause disturbances in child development, and cancer in adults. The case goes to the fact that on the packs of crisps soon we will write a warning label about the dangers of their use, just as is done on packs of cigarettes.

British scientists are very concerned about this situation, as in the country the use of chips has increased several times. We also calculated found that in the UK annually is used 6 billion packs of chips, which is equivalent to one tonne of chips every three minutes, or nearly a hundred packs of chips per year per person.

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A recent poll found that 1/3 of the British child eats every day a pack of chips, and the remaining 2/3 eat chips a few times a week. Scientists warn that the high salt and fat content make people addictive, and the main factor of chips, which becomes the cause of their daily consumption, is their crunch. The more crunch chips, the harder it is for consumers to be from them.

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