In the UK, developed the book, reading which eases depression

In the UK invented a new way of dealing with depression. This so-called self-help book. According to experts of the British national health service, which funded this project, the use of this book will save 272 million pounds budget. It should be noted that this is not the first project, funded by the National health service. She is actively investing money in the development of new methods of treatment of mental disorders.

The book has been tested on 200 patients suffering from depression, according to BBC News. She was an adjunct to psychotherapy and medication received by patients. After four months, patients in the treatment which was applied in this book felt so much better than those who were treated with conventional methods.

Experts the results are very satisfied and have already announced more mass implementation methodology. But, according to the researchers, the use of books in the treatment of depression, of course, is not a panacea and this method is not universal. The fact that the book has brought effect, it should be read, do some exercise, and patients with depression to do it, just don't want to.

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