In the UK created by the reducing effect of snoring device

British scientists were able to establish that the tickling of the chin can help in the fight against snoring. They have developed a new device by which the silence and peace will once again be able to return to her bedroom. The action of this device is that it stimulates the muscles of the chin using current low power. Clinical studies have found that this method helps patients suffering from sleep apnea. It should be noted that often this disease causes of snoring, as the main of its manifestations is Zapadnye language in the throat, which causes unpleasant characteristic sounds.

Apnea also causes the collapse of the soft throat tissues, which also leads to blockage of the respiratory tract. The idea of this device is that it stimulates the muscles of the tongue and other parts of the throat. Due to the aforementioned stimulation of the Airways dilate, and because of this is reduced or disappears snoring. This method is called continuous stimulation, which occurs through the skin. The device sends electrical discharges, the strength of which is insufficient to cause pain, and thus to Wake a sleeping person. However, it is enough to stimulate the muscles. The electrodes of this device are installed on the sides of the throat, just under the jaw.

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Studies have shown that nighttime use of the device for ten minutes stimulates the muscles of the tongue and chin, widening the path for the access of air. In this clinical trial was attended by 33 people. But he, scientists from Japan have been conducted another study in which it was found that this device snoring was reduced by half.

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