A unique program is going to launch in the UK. 18-month-old toddlers with signs of excess weight, doctors plan to treat in special classes of weight loss. Overweight can be diagnosed almost from birth.

For these children will be installed. The doctors are going to monitor their diet, to teach them the basics of a healthy lifestyle. In the company of other children they will be to instill a love of vegetables and cheeses. Parents without attention will not leave the place. The experts will try to convey to them information about the size of children's meals.

Scientists from London are sure in need of treatment of obesity from a very early age. Then will need substantial effort to prevent the process, inevitably leading to the development of diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases.

According to statistics, every fifth child in 11 years in the UK is overweight. This country occupies the first position in the ranking of obesity across Europe.

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