In the treatment of mental illness will help Google

American scientists analyzing the results obtained with the help of Google, came to the conclusion that the mental state of the people depends on the season of the year. A more detailed report on the study published in the journal American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

It should be noted that disease psychological problems remain for scientists to some extent a mystery. To date, the method of estimation is reduced to the usual survey of the patient, but not always potential patients openly about his mental state. According to lead author of the study, recently the Internet to some extent changed the rules of the game. After analyzing driven in search engine queries, you can understand what people are interested.

In the experiment, the scientists used data from the search engine Google. They have identified all requests for mental health of the population of the United States and Australia for the period 2006-2010. All the questions were classified according to the types of mental illness. They included: depression, tendency to suicide, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, schizophrenia and others. In the analysis it became clear that in winter the number of requests about mental illness increased, compared with the summer period.

Thus, in the U.S. a search for the topic of eating disorders in summer has decreased by 37 percent, and in Australia, a similar request was reduced by 42 percent. In the USA the number of requests for schizophrenia in summer has decreased by 37%, and in Australia by 36 percent. Bipolar disorder: USA - 16%, Australia by 17 percent. ADHD: USA - 28 per cent, Australia by 31%. In addition, a number of queries regarding suicide in the United States declined by 24 percent, and in Australia by 29%. According to one of the scientists James Niels Rosenquist, they did not expect these results, and further research on this topic will provide an opportunity to create a special program for treatment of mental diseases taking into account the seasons of the year.

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