In the supermarkets is toxic Apple juice

Doctor of medicine and a leading popular in the United States "Shows Dr. Oz" Mahmet Oz recently stated on air that Apple juice is one of the popular brands simply toxic. The Dr. Oz conducted a study in private laboratories and the tests showed a high concentration of arsenic in the juice of some brands. The management under the control over products and medicines of the USA launched its own investigation after information in the show and found significantly lower rates, the juice was found only a trace of arsenic.

According to the standards of the Agency's environmental levels of arsenic in drinking products should be equal to 10 billion, spot checks juice by Management under the control over products and medicines have revealed concentrations of arsenic 23 to a billion. Check also Dr. oz revealed a concentration of from 16 to 36 in various juices.

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The control of the control characteristics of the detected indices within the normal range and short-term consumer hysteria in the United States regarding the toxicity of the juice is gone.

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