In the state Duma a bill that would prohibit doctors to promote drugs

In the state Duma a draft law, according to which doctors will not be allowed to advertise drugs. According to the news Agency Interfax, a bill to prohibit the use in advertising of medicines opinions of employees of medical institutions suggested that the LDPR deputies Igor Lebedev and Yaroslav Nilov.

But lawmakers from the liberal democratic party has proposed to introduce such a ban is not everywhere. To promote medicines are only available to those government agencies that are at the legislative level will be entitled to issue certificates of compliance.

Earlier, the Deputy from the party "Fair Russia" Anton Belyakova was already submitted the draft law, according to which the advertising of dietary supplements and drugs on television was banned. This was done with the purpose of warning citizens from taking the medication after they watched videos on drugs.

Was adopted made Belyakova law, is not known. But after a certain period of time, the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly service) has prepared a number of amendments to the law on health care, which forbade a pharmaceutical company to promote its products among physicians, organizing various activities and entertainment, or other nature.

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The campaign to improve legislation in the field of health was launched following statements at the time the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, who said that he finds the situation intolerable, when pharmaceutical companies pay doctors for what they give patients produced medicines.

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