In the spread of infections CPS accused sushi bars

Main sanvrach Russia Gennady Onishchenko says: "specializing in Eastern (Japanese) cuisine catering establishments, for cooking uses ingredients, shelf life which had long expired, the dirty dishes, and fish contaminated with bacteria and parasites". These violations of the CPS in April-may identified in 55 restaurants, reported by AMI-TASS.

"Dishes are made without the use of heat treatment, suggest a higher level of technological culture, which in a large deficit in our traditions catering. Russian drinking culture dishes with the availability of fresh fish is missing. I saw this fish absorb, - Hitchcock here is just a boy. People don't even chewed and swallowed a piece of God knows what, and that "it" has already begun to decompose, and setting these satisfied" - sums up Onishchenko.

The head of the laboratory of epidemiology of intestinal infections and molecular diagnostic CRI Rospotrebnadzor Alexander Podkolzin States: "Under the conditions of modernity to change the situation is impossible, because in fact the industry is neglected. The audit is carried out planning and business owners usually notified about the forthcoming visit of the inspectors in advance. Moreover, to inspect in the year three times".

Andrei Petrakov - Director of the analytical Agency Restcon adds: "Despite the shortcomings identified, there are still none the restaurant is closed. But the President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov believes that Japanese cuisine is absolutely safe."

"My hands are the results of this audit, and the infection of any parasites they say nothing. Most of the claims relate to the requirements to comply with the rules of the organization catering developed in the USSR. For example, one of the most common complaints is the lack of dining room checkweigher. Or absence in the wine value 100 grams of alcoholic drinks and a pint accordingly," says Bukharov.

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