In the southern Urals were found the remains of a rhinoceros Measurement

In the Chelyabinsk region in one of the caves near the town of Asha, Russian archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient rhinoceros Measurement. This species lived in this area there are about 120 thousand years ago.

Pavel Kosintsev, who is the head paleoecological laboratory of the Institute of ecology of plants and animals, Ural branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the exact form of fossil animal was installed only because in the cave were found the remains exactly the teeth of the rhinoceros.

Also Pavel Kosintsev noted that in the case of finding only fragments of animal bones, scientists have been able only to say, "what is a Rhino, and not more, because the bones of the rhinoceros are quite similar for different species.

Experts estimate that the remains found in the southern Ural cave, may have an age of about 120-130 thousand years. Ancient Rhino Measurement had a structure similar to modern rhinos living in Asia and Africa. To establish the exact age of discoveries by scientists in the near future will be carried out special research.

It should be noted that during previous excavations in the cave, scientists have managed to find the tooth of an ancient porcupine, who lived about 130 thousand years ago on this site.

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Recall also that recently the Tajik media reported that about Kairakkum reservoir, scientists have discovered the remains of the elephant the age of about three million years.

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