In the skin of a man was discovered molecule responsible for the pain of the burn

As reported Sky News in the skin of a man was discovered molecule, so that when the burn we feel pain.

Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke as a representative of the Medical school of the University Ducap, believes that burns causes range from UV rays. Little effect on human skin such benefits in the form of vitamin D, however, at higher concentrations occurs burn and damage skin cells may lead to cancer.

Taking those mice that had a small amount of TRPV4, scientists have their irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the result of which was revealed the almost complete absence on the skin of rodents blisters and other skin damage. This is just something helped scientists to create a drug that in the election procedure inhibits the ill-fated molecule. This composition was applied on the feet of another group of mice, the resulting effect was the same as with mice, in which the concentration of TRPV4 was insignificant.

The study of the skin of man revealed the following: when they are under the influence of UVB rays, is the activation of molecules TRPV4. From this it follows that the probability of creating a special protective cream, the basis of creation of which will be taken TRPV4 blocker agent.

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