In the poisoning of life and cancer guilty upholstered furniture

In home furniture possibly hazardous refractory compounds. According to The Star, some of them is caused cancer in rats. Such a conclusion contained in a report published by the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Experts say that more than half of sofas sold in the U.S., contains a compound of TDCPP. The use of this chemical in children's clothes Smoking over 30 years ago that was associated with the suspected Carcinogenicity. ТDСРР replaced polybromodiphenyl esters that are banned in the manufacture in the United States and Canada, as reflected on the motor skills and cognitive development in children. However, imported products still can't keep them.

Typically, the composition of the filling upholstered furniture foam 4-6% are fire-retardant compounds, previously when analyzing undetected. For example, Firemaster 550 may be the cause of disorders of bone structure and genital lesions in rats female.

And according to a study published by the Institute of silent Sprint, dangerous compounds, may contain dust and air of residential areas. Among purchased in the United States during the period from 1985 till 2010 sofas for 85% typical content TDCPP or polybromodiphenyl esters.

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