In the near future will create medicine that will help to overcome allergic to cats

In the UK at Cambridge University have conducted studies on the impact of cat allergen in humans. The result was the new information obtained, which gives hope for the development of new drugs against allergies to cats.

New methods will help Allergy sufferers to relieve sneezing and coughing, and block the whole process.

On the application of charitable medical company Allergy UK, this study may be the first step toward developing drugs against allergies to cats, but also dogs, dust, etc.

The research process was headed by Dr. Clare Bryant, who together with his colleagues for a long time studied proteins that are found on the skin of cats (more commonly known as "cat's dandruff"), which is often the cause of allergies. In some people the immune system from childhood is weakened, and a touch of cat allergen with microbial toxin immediately causes a reaction in the form of runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing.

In an interview with the BBC News Dr. Bryant said that after the mechanism of interaction between humans and allergen testing of new drugs that can be used against sepsis and against allergies to cats.

To date, to avoid allergies and it was almost impossible because of the ease of movement of allergens. They can be carried on clothing and shoes in addition to notice them is not possible. Now, according to the representative of Allergy UK, you may create a medicine that will help protect yourself from allergies to cats. The application of this drug, the immune system will activate the protective means of the body, instead of to react with the allergen.

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