In the low growth of the blame for the lack of genes

It is known that the height of a man more suited to his genes. Now scientists have discovered that the low growth means direct the absence of certain genes. US researchers have discovered that half of our growth depends on the absence of gene copies and their sites in DNA.

Genetic anomalies - changes in chromosome means that the cell contains too few or too many copies of a DNA containing our genetic code. A small number of cases copies of the genome CNV, as scientists have found, as a rule ,entails low growth.

In research took part 12,000 people whose genome was analysed by a team of researchers from Boston Children's hospital. It turned out that because of the shortness of each eighth CNV people lose an inch of growth.

The relationship between the shortage of the genome and low growth was strong and clear, which suggests that the gene CNV is responsible for the growth of a person.

Dr. GEOL Hirshhorn confirms that the studied genetic anomaly affect whether people grow.

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