In the Kiev region has recorded the third case of rabies deaths

In the city hospital №8 of Kiev recorded the third case of rabies in humans with fatal outcome in the Kiev region for 2011.

September 12, the clinic received the young man with symptoms of agitation, hallucinations, fear of water and light, salivation. From the medical history, the doctors found out that the young man bought a puppy pit bull in the poultry market in Kyiv that through the time he was bitten. The young man had not sought medical help, and after a while he began panic symptoms, and later joined drowsiness and hallucinations.

This case through the week ended lethally due to late treatment in a hospital for medical care.

Dear readers, please note that rabies is a serious infectious disease caused by the bite of infected animals. The only treatment - vaccination immediately Ambassador bite. When the first symptoms vaccination is ineffective and the disease ends lethal.

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