In the influenza pandemic blame climate anomaly

Recently, among the circles of the many reputable scientists came to the opinion that the unusually low temperature on the surface of the water in the Central and Eastern tropical Pacific ocean or in other words the phenomenon of La niña, stimulates active dissemination of influenza virus among the population. So say scientists Jeffrey Shaman (Columbia University) and mark Lipic (Harvard University).

According to scientists this is the reverse effect of the El Nino phenomenon (this effect causes warming of ocean water). Both effects can last up to nine months, it leads to changing patterns of atmospheric circulation and ocean currents. There is a change of climate and weather on earth.

Scientists have to study for four years, flu pandemics: 1918, 1957, 1968 and 2009, All of the pandemic was recorded in spring and summer. At the same time, we have analysed the changes in the temperature of the tropical Pacific ocean. In the end it turned out that in autumn and winter, before the beginning of the pandemic, the water temperature suddenly dropped. It talked about the existence of the phenomenon of La niña.

According to scientists, La niña just creates excellent conditions for virus activity, occurring genetic mutations in organisms migratory birds. Also previously been put forward evidence regarding the impact of the phenomenon on the migration route, between stops, interspecific mating and fitness in migratory birds. All these conditions make it easy to exchange genetic material. In the end, new virulent strains of influenza.

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However, no one knows exactly what to expect from the coming year. It is possible that climatic anomalies again escalate into something more terrible, as, for example, in various influenza viruses. Let's hope that new diseases will not appear for a long time.

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