In the "healthy" drinks contain more sugar than many believe

Individual drinks that are on the shelves accepted (at least it says so on the label) more "healthy" than others. But nevertheless, the damage they can cause, sometimes simply underestimate. People, in particular, are prone to substantial errors relative to the amount of sugar that are in the drink, which they consider to be the most useful for their health. These results showed the survey, which was conducted by the University of Glasgow.

The finding was attended by about two thousand people. The respondents were asked to estimate how many teaspoons of sugar were in soft drinks, writes The Telegraph. As it turned out that consumers often inflated the number of spoons, when it came relatively carbonated drinks, while in the fruit juices and cocktails sugar levels are often significantly underestimated.

So, in assessing the amount of sugar in pomegranate juice, respondents had underestimated the real figure - they were wrong on 18 spoons. They had calculated that it contains only four teaspoons of sugar, while really they were 22.

Milk chocolate shake actually contains a 13.5 teaspoons of sugar, that is 7.5 more than believed by the respondents. The usual cocktail was "awarded" four teaspoons, while in reality the correct figure was six teaspoons.

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