In the glaciers of Antarctica crouched future epidemics

A Spanish research group led by Dr. lópez-Bueno studied Antarctic lake Limnopolar and concluded that its water contains a record number of viruses. If Antarctic glaciers will continue to melt, soon these viruses will threaten the entire planet at an unprecedented epidemics that modern medicine has not been faced.

Scientists have counted 9730 "summer" viruses, and 5130 genotypes of the viruses that dwelt in the spring waters. It is worth noting that the average normal water can be found only 700 species of viruses. Researchers have studied a dense study contained in the ice viruses, to prepare humanity for possible dangers.

Because the lake Limnopolar very poor ecosystem, viruses cannot infect animals and birds, they infect only algae. However, when this ice melts, the situation may change. Calms the fact that the highest concentration of viruses observed in the lake during the 9 months of winter, when the ice is melting, many species are dying , but they are replaced with more complex viruses with double-strand structure of DNA.

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