In the future, ultrasound will replace stethoscopes

The stethoscope is a mandatory unit of any doctor. With its help are heard pathological murmurs of most organs. Experts believe that soon stethoscopes will be replaced with compact ultrasonic devices. Attaching it to the right place you can get a more comprehensive and objective information, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Ultrasound studies the structure of soft tissues and the blood flow in them. Most scientists are confident that this method is really better than the outdated auscultation. The stethoscope is applied to 1816 and had become outdated. Initially the device was used to listen to the tones of the heart in obese people.

Before the invention of the stethoscope doctors would put his ear to the chest of the patient to hear the heartbeat. Then I used a wooden tube. Scientists believe that the stethoscopes new generation will have a lot of functions and occupy minimum space.

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