In the Future, the Ebola virus is spread by air - scientists

To date, the epidemiological situation with the Ebola virus has stabilized. However, the discussion of possible scenarios genetic development of the virus continues. The virus in its current form is transmitted only through direct contact with infected bodily fluids of an infected person. Over time, experts say, the pathogen will learn to infect humans through airborne droplets.

A meta-analysis of studies of Ebola virus, suggests that the disease is on the verge of mutations and changes in the structure of the virus in the next few years is inevitable. Humanity has managed to accumulate quite a large amount of knowledge about viruses and their livelihoods. There is a high probability modification of the Ebola virus, in particular its transmission path.

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It is difficult to say how right scientists, who claim it. Unfortunately, only time can tell what will become of the disease in a few decades.

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