In the future, the British become leaders in longevity

Scientists say that the average age of the population in Britain is constantly growing. To the year 2062, life expectancy for men will be 87 years old, and for women - 90. Data were obtained during the report of the office of national statistics in Britain. Today, the life expectancy of the British is about 78 years, and the British women 83 years.

Such rapid changes, says Steven Webb, the Minister of pensions, forced to think about a comprehensive reform of pension provision. It must correspond to the development level of the country and to be equally fair for all generations. Plans to increase the bar of the retirement age, and the average duration of pension payments will be 25 years.

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The doctors are confident that the increased life expectancy of the British is associated with improved quality of life, development of medicine and the decline in alcohol consumption and harmful habits in General.

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